Daily Sun and Moon Paths

This page shows the paths of the sun and moon as a plot of azimuth vs. altitude over a day starting at local midnight. This uses Jean Meeus' simplified algorithm for the moon position. estimates accuracy at 10° arc-seconds in longitude and 4° arc-seconds in latitude. All implementation mistakes are mine.

I get good results for an eclipse I observed on . I have been trying some of the ones I find on the List of solar eclipses in the 21st century I found have a problem with latitudes near the Earth's axial tilt. On solar eclipse for Dec 26, 2019, for example, the path plot starts to distort from to and lower.

Observer's Location

Latitude deg[:min[:sec]]
Longitude deg[:min[:sec]]
Time Zone hr[:mm]
Date year-mm-dd
Local Time hr[:min[:sec]]
DST daylight saving time

Time Controls

Sun Moon
Range TBD TBD light-seconds
Ecliptic Longitude TBD TBD deg:min:sec
Latitude TBD TBD deg:min:sec
Equatorial Right Ascension TBD TBD hr:min:sec
Declination TBD TBD deg:min:sec
Horizontal Azimuth TBD TBD deg:min:sec
Altitude TBD TBD deg:min:sec
Transit TBD TBD ST
Setting TBD TBD ST