Solar Azimuth Map

This page will take an observer location and time and plot the sun rise (green), current position (yellow) and sun set (red) as markers on a google map. The most obvious test case is Stonehenge. shows the sun rise marker aligns with the bearing from the center of the monument to the heel stone. shows the reverse. (The markers can be dragged without changing their bearing.) My sunrise azimuth is 49°22' which matches the sun's center; uncorrected sea horizon listed here for latitude 51°

Manhattanhenge is another example. However, the streets are not alligned with the solstice, so there are four alignments, two on each side of the solstices.

Observer's Location

Latitude deg[:min[:sec]]
Longitude deg[:min[:sec]]
Time Zone hr[:mm]
Date year-mm-dd
Local Time hr[:min[:sec]]
DST daylight saving time

Time Controls

azimuth time
deg:min:sec ST
Current TBD TBD
Rising TBD TBD
Transit TBD TBD
Setting TBD TBD