Daily Solar Altitude

This shows the sun's altitude over the current day starting at local midnight. The points where the altitude crosses the zero line indicates sun rise and sun set (not adjusted for atmospheric refraction). The distance between them is the length of the day. The solstice lines indicate the maximum and minimum range of the sun position through out the year.

The earth's axial tilt is 23°-ish so a midnight sun happens at an extreme latitude, e.g. near the polar circle, for example Conversly, it is darkness at noon at . The well that "had no shadow at noon on the solstice" Eratosthenes uses to calculate the earth's circumference .

Observer's Location

Latitude deg[:min[:sec]]
Longitude deg[:min[:sec]]
Time Zone hr[:mm]
Date year-mm-dd
Local Time hr[:min[:sec]]
DST daylight saving time

Time Controls

Vernal Equinox
Summer Solstice
Autumnal Equinox
Winter Solstice
Azimuth TBD deg:min:sec
Altitude TBD deg:min:sec
Rising TBD ST
Transit TBD ST
Setting TBD ST