Observation Transforms

This transforms coordinates between horizontal (observer), equatorial and ecliptic coordinate systems. After a location and a time are entered for the observer's location, changes to any one of Observation Direction fields will update the others. For example, enter Sirius' RA 6:45:08.9 and Declination -16:42:59 in the equatorial coordinates and the ecliptic and horizontal values will update to match.

Observer's Location

Latitude deg[:min[:sec]]
Longitude deg[:min[:sec]]
Time Zone hr[:mm]
Date year-mm-dd
Local Time hr[:min[:sec]]
DST daylight saving time

Time Controls

Observation Direction

Ecliptic Longitude deg[:min[:sec]]
Latitude deg[:min[:sec]]
Equatorial Right Ascension hr[:min]
Declination deg[:min[:sec]]
Horizontal Azimuth deg[:min[:sec]]
Altitude deg[:min[:sec]]